Monday, June 16, 2008

What a guy

As a life long lover of motorbikes, it has always been my dream to own a bike and commute to and from work, take long rides just to have coffee and look kind of cool at the same time.

Spending a lot of time on my cousin's farm growing up, I was a bit of a tom-boy and generally spent more time on the motorbikes than in the farmhouse baking scones and doing puzzles! I had my fair share of spills but always got straight back on and even tried to take on the big boys ... failing miserably but loved every minute of trying!!

Through the years of adulthood I was always told 'girls shouldn't ride bikes' ... 'they're too dangerous' etc. so I never really did anything about it. I would drool over the bikes parked on the footpath in Melbourne and watch them as they whizzed by while I sat in the boring old car on a summer's day ... hoping that one day that would be me whizzing by.

I then met current husband (John) who bought himself a Honda CBR1000F after the divorce of his second wife. Lots of rides later only made me want a bike of my own more. But then we got serious ... we built a house .... we got married ..... and the dream of a bike was further away than it ever had been.

Until Saturday, 14 June 2008 when my dear husband woke at some ungodly hour (fairly typical of him mind you) and whispered to me that he loved me (awwww) and that's why he just bought me a Suzuki GS500F.

Having just woke and kind of still half asleep I think I allowed a small smile and said "yeah right" but he was fairly adamant that this way no dream!!

A trip later that morning to the local motorcycle place convinced me further that perhaps this just wasn't a way for him to get an early morning shag!

Since that time my excitement has grown 1,000 fold and I have spent all my time googling information about the bike, tips for new riders and read endless reports on a motorcycle forum about what to do and not to do when you first get a bike.

My learner's has been booked in for the 29 June (let's hope that I pass!!) and the beautiful shiny new bike is due to arrive next week I'm told.

I'll use this blog as a way of jotting down my rides and how badly/well I did so I learn as I go. I'm also hoping that this will give you some amusement/joy when reading about the tales of me and my new love.

Now .. the only thing to do is think of a cool name (apparently that's what everybody does .. who am I to go against the flow!!!).

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HOUSE-TO-BE said...

Oh Andy, I love reading your posts. You have such a great way of writing!!!