Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Watch out Melbourne .....

I got my L's yesterday!!! wooooooo hooooooooooooooooooooooo

Dad and I met at DECA in Carrum Downs yesterday, just before 8:00am, where we were both very excited about the day's events. Dad's christmas present last year was for me to pay for his Learner's permit ... he has been going on and on about it for years and I knew he would never do anything about it unless somebody just did it for him ... so that's what I did!!

There were 6 of us doing the course, with me being the only girl. I felt like it was going to be a bit embarassing with the guys ... men seem to have a basic instinct on how to ride motorbikes, fix cars etc. so I was feeling just a little bit nervous that if I stuffed up I'd look like an idiot!!

Anyway ... figured I shouldn't let that bother me and I just needed to go at a pace that I felt comfortable with ..... last thing I wanted to do was try and keep up and meet the bitumen!!

We got all the paperwork and VicRoads test out of the way early as everybody was pretty keen to get on the bikes. I only got 1 wrong on the written test so at that stage I was feeling pleased with myself. Then it was out to the fun/nerve wracking part of the day ... on the bikes!!

Our instructor was great .... didn't complicate things and gave us great tips and hints on what to do and definitely what NOT to do. If only I had $1 for everytime he said "where you look, your bike will go"!!

So lots of riding around and around in circles ... turning left, turning right, emergency stops, slow rides .... turning left, emergency stops, slow ride, turning right ... etc etc etc.

Anti clock wise ... clock wise .... and so forth.

At the start of the day, I couldn't turn within the lines for the left and right hand turn, but after a couple of go's at it I had that one down pretty well.

It was that jolly slow ride that was going to be the killer for me.

Before we knew it, it was time for a lunch break where the instructor (Rob) announced that on our return, we would have one last practice of everything and then it was testing time!! Amazing how a little four letter word like 'test' makes you crap your pants!!!

First and second guy went around no problems ... then it was Dad's turn. I was as nervous as he was watching him go around the track. He forgot to indicate at one stage and Rob had said that this was a big no-no and you would fail. My heart sank for a brief moment but then noticed that he was doing it again. This time the indicator went on!! Thank god for that.

In the blink of an eye dad was back with a big grin having passed his test!!!

Then it was my turn. I bravely said farewell to the boys and they wished me luck. As I slowly rode over to Rob I told myself that I could do this and had been doing it all day so it was no big deal.

Did the left and right turn fine ... then came the slow ride. Oh man ... I'm going to stuff up. Don't put your foot down ... keep looking ahead ... don't stall the bike .... don't go over the lines.... knees hugging the tank ... weight on the foot pegs ... ride the clutch .... more than 10 seconds!!! So much to think about. I could feel myself wobbling a bit as I approached the testing lines but then it seemed to go OK .. my only worry was if I did it too quickly.

But fear no more .... Rob shook my hand and congratulated me and said that I had passed.

Do you think I stopped grinning yesterday afternoon???!!!!!!


HOUSE-TO-BE said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Well done, good to see you kept up with the "boys" and congrats to your Dad too ;-)

Bernadette & Perry said...

Andrea - you rock! Well done!