Thursday, August 14, 2008

2,000kms and G.O.Road here we come

Honk honk honk ..... Scarlett has just ticked over 2,000kms. Not too bad an effort for a newbie who has been riding for 5 and a half weeks!!

This weekend J and I are heading down to Aireys Inlet on the Great Ocean Road. As long as the weather is reasonable, hopefully we'll do some sightseeing and riding along one of the most famous Roads in the world. Have done it in a car ... I imagine it will be quite a different experience on the bike.

Also very excited to be heading to Geelong to visit Bern & Perry in their beautiful new house. From memory I think their moving day is today so I feel very priviledged that we will get to see their place tomorrow. The internet has been a tool of 'the devil' in many respects for me over the last few years but one of the great things about it is the ability to meet people that you wouldn't normally meet in your day to day life. We have followed for the last couple of years, the decision making processes and building of B&P's new house ... and at times I forget that we have never met!!

So guys - if you're reading this ... will see you tomorrow at some stage!!

Looking out the window it's very bleak and wet. Quick prayer to the big fella' upstairs I think so that we have a safe journey this afternoon.

Ride on!

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