Sunday, July 13, 2008

A ride through the 'Nongs

Yesterday morning I was very pleased to see that the sun was shining and no sign of rain ..... woo hoo ... bring on a ride to the Dandenongs.

I had picked up some thermal pants and a top from Mountain Designs on Saturday and a neck warmer so I was rugged up and ready for the chilly Melbourne morning. That neck warmer is the best $20 I've ever spent I'm sure! When we arrived at our usual breakfast cafe, John was very chilly (he couldn't find his neck warmer) and I was toasty warm.

It was the first day that I'd ridden in the tick that one off as a 'first experience done'.

We had breakfast and then it was off to 'them 'thar hills'.

We headed down Burwood Highway and up through Belgrave to Kallista then back down through Narre Warren and back home. I followed John this time, watching his line as he went around the corners. By the time we got down the hill, I wanted to go back up again and do it all over again. It was great!!

What did I learn yesterday:

1. If you approach the corner in the right gear, you really don't need to use your brake (except for tight corners)
2. When looking through the corner and a car approaches from the other direction, don't look at the car
3. Always take a neck warmer on rides in winter!

I have clocked up 280kms on the bike ... still on the same tank of petrol so I imagine at any minute she'll splutter and I'll have to fuel up.

Things I learnt this morning on my ride to work:

1. Don't forget to pick up bloody shoes!!!! I think I'm going to have to leave them at work.
2. Remember to pick up your purse before heading out the door

This whole 'getting ready' on a motorcycle thing is a learning curve in itself! Normally it's just grab the handbag and off I go ... but at the moment it takes an extra 20 mins before I can even leave the house.

But ... not complaining ..... I wouldn't give up this for anything (not even an extra 20 minute sleep in!!).

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HOUSE-TO-BE said...

Sounds like fun!!! I'm sure the road going up to the Ranges would have been a bit ummmmm scary?? Great that you had John to follow. Sounds like you are really enjoying your bike and all that comes with it. I'm still waiting to hear about the TV unit for your bedroom.....I think that blog has been forgotten !!! Are you happy with it? I always stress when I recommend something to someone else! Enjoy your bike!