Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sorry 'Cages'

I have very quickly taken on the communication of a true bikey chick (or bikey mole as my work mates now call me) and have decided to call people in cars 'cages'.

Anyway ... at lunch time a group of us went out (me on the bike, the others in the car). It was actually lovely and sunny (not too cold either) so it seemed the right thing to do :-)

From that riding experience:

1. I very quickly need to work out how to find 1st all the time - held up a few 'cages' at lights and they were not very pleased

2. Had to go the long way because I was too nervous about doing a u-turn. Even the way I went had a bit of a tight turn into an s-bend type scenario and I went too wide coming into it. didn't hit the curb but gave myself a bit of a fright as I got pretty close. Still feel very nervous about turns as I am worried the I'll turn to tightly and the bike will slip out from under me

John tells me practising figure 8's in a car park helps that.

I'm keeping a close eye on the weather in the hope it doesn't rain on the way home!!!

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Bernadette & Perry said...

Ahhh. U-turns. I don't mind them, but John is right. Practice. Most important thing to remember (especially when doing a u-turn) is "The bike will go where you are looking". Then it becomes a You-Turn. :-)