Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Spur

Legend has it that the Black Spur is a ripper of a ride for bikes .... and I would have to agree!!

On Monday we jumped on the bikes and decided to do a ride. J had previously bought a little jigger that tracks your ride and even logs where you took photos (no more "oh crap .. where did we take that pic"). The weather didn't look overly great but we thought the rain would hold off (big mistake).

We headed off from home and headed through Berwick, Emerald and through to Lilydale (what an awesome ride that is). Lilydale to Healesville through the Spur and then on to Marysville. It had been raining so was quite cold but the scenery was still really beautiful. I was pretty anxious as we approached the Spur ... kept saying to myself "please don't let today be the day I come off the bike".

We took it pretty slow due to the wet roads but it was still a whole lot of fun going around the twisties.

From Marysville we decided to head up to Lake Mountain and back through Reefton Spur (which I believe is tougher still) however as we got higher up the mountain, the rain started, the mist came in and visibility was really low so J called it and we turned around and headed back the way we came.

Yesterday the weather was perfect (why didn't we do the Spur then!!!) so we jumped on the bikes again and headed to Sky High for a coffee (top of the Dandenongs). We went back through Berwick and Emerald and through to Olinda. Stopped for a coffee then back down the hill to Knox where we bought a BBQ and then dropped in to see Dad and Liz.

Was a great couple of days on the bike .... it's becoming one of my most favourite things to do!
Now you may also notice that I have been very quiet about the 'L' plates after posting that I was going to get rid of them!!
Unfortunately the backyard took precedence over my test so every last cent is going into that. I'm hoping to take the test next month because as my dear husband so eloquently puts it "I'm not going to Tassie with a loser on an L plate". :-))

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Bernadette and Perry said...

Terrific ride report. Well done! Bern did the Tassie thing on "Ls" and then "Ps" the next year. The first year was on the ZZR250, the second was on the Monster 620. When are you going for your licence?