Sunday, November 9, 2008

Go faster .. go faster .....

Yesterday J & I headed out to our usual Sunday morning breakfast place. Weather was spectacular and we decided to drop in to see a friend on the way home. As it so happens, it meant a trip through the Dandenongs to get there. Of course, being a beautiful day had it's downfall ... too many cars holding us up!!

From the moment I got on the bike yesterday morning, I seemed to have my 'groove'. I manouvered through the first 2 roundabouts with ease and didn't feel anxious for the first time in 4 months so I was really looking forward to seeing how I went through the hills. The cars holding us up were kind of annoying but Scarlett and I seemed to be at one with the world .. and all was good :-))

As we left our friend's place, J pulled over to the side of the road. Not knowing what was going on I stopped also .. waited for him to approach and then I heard "want to swap bikes??".

Well ... um ... err .... shit yeah!!!!

He gave me some instruction on how different his bike would be to handle .. so take it easy to start with and see how I go.

The CBR felt big ... really big and heavy so the first thing of note was if I drop it, there's no way I'm picking it up off the ground ....... so ................ DON'T DROP IT!!!

I had a quick vision of hitting the accelerator too hard and letting out the clutch too quickly and me doing a very quick mono down the road before I landed on my ass with the bike sliding down the road. So, accelerator came on very slowly and clutch let out even slower!!! I let a couple of cars pass until I got the feel of it.

Surprisingly it didn't take long before I felt comfortable enough to actually do the speed limit!!

By the time we got to Thompsons Road (about 7 mins from home) I was wanting to keep going further down the road. Riding the CBR was a totally different experience to my poor little Scarlett .... it actually felt like a real bike! I turned onto Western Port Highway (around the roundabout too slowly I'm told) and then opened her up. Boy, you only have to breath on the right hand and she winds up.

I don't think I stopped grinning the whole way home. I looked at my beautiful Scarlett as John got off her and thought to myself "you're lovely ... but you really have to go soon" :-))

Me thinks when J gets his new bike, the CBR will become my new best friend for a while!!


Bernadette and Perry said...

Nice work A! Imagine how Bern felt when doing L and P on a 250! I think that when J upgrades his bike, you would get a much better deal if you get 2 bikes at the same time.... :-)

oz_johnno said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...... you funny fella Perry :)