Monday, November 24, 2008

A ride with the Colonel and a service

On Sunday, we were fortunate enough to have the weather gods looking down and smiling at us. While it wasn't particularly sunny, at least it wasn't raining and cold!! (It still kills me that we have used the heater a couple of times throughout November!!!!!!).

Of course J was in dire need of riding his new love. The plan was to go to Dad's to pick up the bikes (long story that is boring and irrelevant to the story as to why they were there), breakfast at Sassy's (Nunawading) and then through the Spur up to Marysville.

At breakfast, J wanted to show the owner the bike ... so out she came ... had a look at his .. then at mine .... then at his ..... looked at me and said 'well yours is cute'. Grrrrrrr. I don't want a cute bike ... I want a mean, tough, beastly bike. Well, maybe not that far, but cute?? Ease up tiger!!!!!! She loved J's bike and of course that just made him grin even more (if that's even possible).

After a lovely breakfast of bacon and eggs, we headed back to Dad's to pick him up so that he could go for a ride with us. Why do we call him the colonel? He grew a goatee (so hip my dad) and it is completely white (as is his hair) ..... so somebody decided he looks like Colonel Sanders and the name has stuck!!!

Anyway, off we went through Healesville, the Spur (where there was loads and loads of crap on the road thanks to the winds and storm) and ended up at Marysville for lunch. I was told yesterday by a guy at work (who has a place in Eildon) that only that morning through the spur, the SES were removing large trees from the road.

We've been through the Spur twice now when it's been wet and/or crappy .... maybe it will be third time lucky soon and we can enjoy some of the corners as the good lord has intended them for the motorcyclists.

Was an ace day .... a few things have clicked into place for me and are becoming easier so that is making riding that much more enjoyable.

Scarlett also had a service yesterday and she's feeling awesome. I was having problems with the gear box ... it felt very clunky and there has been some incidents going from neutral to 1st, where it jumps back into neutral. I thought for a while it was me, being a learner, not really putting it into gear properly but J had experienced it too when he rode her.

Anyway ... whatever they did at the service has fixed it right up. Gear box feels lovely and smooth, and not clunky any more. Steering is a lot tighter (apparently head bearings were loose) and all up, running beautifully.

If only she had more power!!!!!

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Bernadette and Perry said...

I love reading your ride reports. Sounds like you had a great day! Regarding the whole "cute" thing, perhaps if you'd name the bike "Brutus", or "Mongrel" or something, then people wouldn't call it "cute"? lol

When's the GO Road ride planned? If you don't come and visit us with the new bike, we will be forced to lob on your doorstep. You've been warned!