Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Netrider Mystery Ride

J & I joined a group of motorcycle enthusiasts called NetRider .... good community of motorbike folk ... ranging from beginners like myself to your hard core hoons. They have a number of weekly rides ... and Tuesday nights they have a 'Learner rider' ride.

It was such a beautiful night last night, we decided to join them.

We met at a BP Servo in St Kilda ... I was running late and only just arrived on time .... but was very surprised to see how many bikes there were. It was almost like going to a bike expo without having to pay the entry fee!!!

Bikes of every description were there (except scooters. ... I think they know not to show their faces at an event such as this, hahaha).

J was pretty pleased to show off his bike and he got a lot of comments (show off) although I did have a comment on my Scarlett and how good she looked in her colours. You go girl!!

The leader gave the instructions on corner marking, no overtaking on corners etc etc ... and then the rumble of the bikes started. I believe there were 47 bikes there so you can imagine the noise that we made as we sat there. I'm sure the St Kilda residents love Tuesday nights!!

Oh ... forgot to say that although this is a Learner ride .. I reckon there were about 5 learners in the entire group!!

Anyway .. we headed off, through the backstreets of wherever ... over the Westgate ... through some more backstreets (apparently around Laverton, Altona way). As you have probably guessed, we had absolutely no clue where we were.

Loads and loads of turns, quite a few roundabouts and probably some of the worst streets I have ridden on. Hope those people don't pay much for their rates because the roads need some serious work!!!

Apart from a couple of idiots that believe there is only one way to ride .. flat out .... there was a general sense of respect for everybody on the road. There were also a few that felt they had to overtake at every opportunity in case their 'toughness' was questioned, it was great to ride with the group.

We ended up in some late night taxi rank/car wash/drug dealer's lair ... had a burger (mind you, very good burgers), a drink and a wee and then off home again.

It was a really good night, met some nice people and drooled over some very very nice bikes. A dark orange & black GSXR particularly caught my attention .. beautiful looking bike, as did a silver CBR 1100.

Storms are set to hit Melbourne again this afternoon and tonight so it may be the last ride for a few days. Bloody Melbourne weather!!

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