Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sorry ... how many corners did you say??

Yesterday was a gorgeous day in Melbourne so J & I met a friend for breakfast and then decided to do a ride.

I had been told that the ride from Eltham to King Lake was pretty impressive so we decided to head to King Lake, then back through Healesville, Marysville for lunch, then via Reefton Spur and Warbuton before arriving home.

The ride to King Lake was exceptionally hard .... awesomely fun .... but really really hard. A lot of 15km/25km corners .. with very steep drops on the side. Very thin lanes as well so I figured the slightest mistake would mean lights out for me!!

Definitely a ride I want to do again however.

We finally got through the Black Spur with no rain or crap on the road!!! That was a positive and what a fun bit of road that is. Must admit, after doing the road to King Lake, the Black Spur seemed relatively easy.

Reefton however is a different matter ... beautiful to look at ... but you really can't enjoy it to it's full extent as concentration levels had to be quite high!!!

J has a little gizmo that tracks our movements. Link below if you are interested in seeing the route we took. We'll be using this for our Tassie trip also as it logs where we take photos (no more "where the hell did we take this photo").,145.505676&spn=1.046826,1.768799&z=9

We managed to get back just in time for Sarah's christmas concert too, so a really great day was had by all.

Only real problem was listening to J complain about his sore ass!!!

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